2020-03-27 Nathan TeBlunthuisstart keeping track of installation requirements
2020-03-26 Nathan TeBlunthuisupdate output using limited base terms list
2020-03-26 Nathan TeBlunthuisshell script to run the whoe process
2020-03-26 Nathan TeBlunthuisnarrow base terms
2020-03-26 groceryheistMerge pull request #2 from aaronshaw/patch-1
2020-03-26 Aaron ShawUpdate base_terms.txt
2020-03-25 Nathan TeBlunthuisFinish MVP for transliterations
2020-03-25 Nathan TeBlunthuisUntested code to get labels from wikidata in all languages.
2020-03-24 Nathan TeBlunthuisPython code to find wikidata entities to translate...
2020-03-24 Nathan TeBlunthuisadd code of conduct and elaborate description
2020-03-24 groceryheistInitial commit

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