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This page contains links to git repositories published (or republished) by the Community Data Science Collective.

Downloading Code

If you click on any repository, you will see a URL that begins with git://. You can get a full copy of any file by running the command of the form:

git clone [URL from summary page]

Submitting Patches

The most reliable way to send a patch to us is over email. You can do that by following these steps:

Where should you email? If there's no owner listed or you can't find an email address for the person(sorry!), you can just send it to collective@communitydata.science and we'll make sure it gets to the right place!

If you are more comfortable putting a git repository with your changes online somewhere else and sending a link that to repository, that works too!

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
articlequality_ordinal.git Calibrating ordinal regression... Nathan TeBlunthuis 4 months ago
cdsc_reddit.git Building parquet tables from... Nathan TeBlunthuis 13 months ago
cdsc_tex.git Latex templates for making... Benjamin Mako Hill 21 months ago
coldcallbot-discord.git bot for coldcalling in a Disco... Benjamin Mako Hill 2 years ago
covid19.git software for the COVID19 Digit... Community Data Science... 4 years ago
mediawiki_dump_tools.git Tool for parsing MediaWiki... Benjamin Mako Hill 14 months ago
ml_measurement_error_public.git Project studying methods for... Nathan TeBlunthuis 10 months ago
nu-vpn-proxy.git script to connect to the Globa... Benjamin Mako Hill 12 months ago
opensym2017_postmortem.git code and text for postmortem... Benjamin Mako Hill 6 years ago
rises_declines_wikia_code.git R, python, and knitr code... Nathan TeBlunthuis 6 years ago
social-media-chapter.git code and paper material for... Jeremy D. Foote 5 years ago
stats_class_2019.git Resources for Statistics and... Aaron Shaw 5 years ago
stats_class_2020.git Resources for NU course: Stati... Aaron Shaw 3 years ago
taguette_google_sheet_integration.git Tool for syncing tags between... Benjamin Mako Hill 16 months ago
uw_tex_letterhead.git LaTeX stationary/letterhead... Benjamin Mako Hill 6 years ago
wikia_userroles_scraper.git Python scripts for obtaing... Nathan TeBlunthuis 6 years ago

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