This page contains links to git repositories published (or republished) by the Community Data Science Collective.

Downloading Code

If you click on any repository, you will see a URL that begins with git://. You can get a full copy of any file by running the command of the form:

git clone [URL from summary page]

Submitting Patches

The most reliable way to send a patch to us is over email. You can do that by following these steps:

Where should you email? If there's no owner listed or you can't find an email address for the person(sorry!), you can just send it to and we'll make sure it gets to the right place!

If you are more comfortable putting a git repository with your changes online somewhere else and sending a link that to repository, that works too!

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
articlequality_ordinal.git Calibrating ordinal regression... Nathan TeBlunthuis No commits
cdsc_reddit.git Building parquet tables from... Nathan TeBlunthuis 6 months ago
cdsc_tex.git Latex templates for making... Benjamin Mako Hill 13 months ago
coldcallbot-discord.git bot for coldcalling in a Disco... Benjamin Mako Hill 22 months ago
covid19.git software for the COVID19 Digit... Community Data Science... 3 years ago
mediawiki_dump_tools.git Tool for parsing MediaWiki... Benjamin Mako Hill 7 months ago
ml_measurement_error_public.git Project studying methods for... Nathan TeBlunthuis 2 months ago
nu-vpn-proxy.git script to connect to the Globa... Benjamin Mako Hill 4 months ago
opensym2017_postmortem.git code and text for postmortem... Benjamin Mako Hill 5 years ago
rises_declines_wikia_code.git R, python, and knitr code... Nathan TeBlunthuis 5 years ago
social-media-chapter.git code and paper material for... Jeremy D. Foote 4 years ago
stats_class_2019.git Resources for Statistics and... Aaron Shaw 4 years ago
stats_class_2020.git Resources for NU course: Stati... Aaron Shaw 3 years ago
taguette_google_sheet_integration.git Tool for syncing tags between... Benjamin Mako Hill 9 months ago
uw_tex_letterhead.git LaTeX stationary/letterhead... Benjamin Mako Hill 5 years ago
wikia_userroles_scraper.git Python scripts for obtaing... Nathan TeBlunthuis 5 years ago

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