two types of pos
[cdsc_tex.git] / text.tex
2009-05-21 <>two types of pos
2009-05-21 <>made some minor changes
2008-10-19 <>updated bibliography stuff
2008-02-17 <>fixed up fonts to work with garamond and helvetica
2007-07-28 <>minor formatting nit
2007-07-28 <>merged in changes with packge information
2007-07-28 <>added bibliographic information
2007-07-28 <>added commonly used packages
2006-05-18 <>Merged in changes from the other main branch.
2006-05-18 <>Merged in changes from the bibliography.
2006-05-18 <>Replaced blank text with pangram.
2006-05-18 <>Updated Makefile to use/require the use of rubbber...
2006-03-19 <>Removed email address from the template here.
2006-03-19 <>Synced with the bibliography branch.
2006-03-19 <>Added a bibliography mode to this branch.
2006-03-19 <>Initial import into BZR of my TeX templates.

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