updating explanation of part I to address reasons for dropped observations
[stats_class_2020.git] / os_exercises /
2020-11-18 aaronshawinitial commit ch 9 worked solutions
2020-11-11 aaronshawinitial commit of these materials
2020-11-05 aaronshawch7b
2020-10-28 aaronshawch7 exercise solutions
2020-10-21 aaronshawch6 exercises initial commit
2020-10-16 aaronshawtypos for ch5 and more elaborate tidyverse example...
2020-10-14 aaronshawch 5 exercise solutions
2020-10-07 aaronshawinitial commit of ch4 exercise solutions
2020-10-05 aaronshawtypo
2020-09-30 aaronshawsolutions for ch3
2020-09-27 aaronshawsolutions to ps1, renaming exercises for consistent...
2020-09-21 aaronshawch2 solutions. updated formatting
2020-09-21 aaronshawupdating some formatting
2020-09-19 aaronshawtextbook exercises for OS ch1 and ch2

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