2020-10-05 aaronshawtypo
2020-09-30 aaronshawsolutions for ch3
2020-09-30 aaronshawadding log files to the ignore list
2020-09-30 aaronshawadding data import stuff
2020-09-30 aaronshawsupplementary tutorial related to in-class questions
2020-09-29 aaronshawtypo
2020-09-29 aaronshawtweaks to incorporate read_csv and lubridate refs
2020-09-28 aaronshawposted version of pset1 worked solution
2020-09-28 aaronshawweek 04 tutorial materials
2020-09-28 aaronshawsome extra datasets for tutorial
2020-09-27 aaronshawsolutions to ps1, renaming exercises for consistent...
2020-09-23 aaronshawrenaming to remove arbitrary capitalization
2020-09-23 aaronshawinitial commit of an ignore file
2020-09-22 aaronshawupdated built versions of w3 tutorial
2020-09-22 aaronshawupdating directory structure to reflect schedule
2020-09-22 aaronshawupdates to loading/importing data
2020-09-21 aaronshawinitial commit of group and population datasets
2020-09-21 aaronshawweek 3 tutorial in various formats
2020-09-21 aaronshawch2 solutions. updated formatting
2020-09-21 aaronshawupdating some formatting
2020-09-19 aaronshawtextbook exercises for OS ch1 and ch2
2020-09-16 aaronshawrenaming
2020-09-16 aaronshawR tutorials for week 1
2020-09-16 Aaron Shawinitial commit

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