three small changes to the template
[cdsc_tex.git] / paper_template /
2014-01-11 Benjamin Mako Hillthree small changes to the template
2014-01-09 Benjamin Mako Hilladded a perl script to clean out some common broken...
2014-01-04 Benjamin Mako Hillfix bug with page number periods
2014-01-04 Benjamin Mako Hillsmall changes to article-2
2013-12-04 Benjamin Mako Hillupdated my email address
2012-12-13 Benjamin Mako Hilltweaked it so that the abstract display a bit more...
2012-08-22 Benjamin Mako Hillcreated a new memoir style for use in simple memos
2012-03-13 aaronshawPatch to remove annoying copyright symbols from Jstor...
2012-03-13 Benjamin Mako Hilladded code to deal with utf8 bibliographies
2011-10-03 Benjamin Mako Hillchanged remaining kjh notes to mako-mem
2011-05-10 Benjamin Mako Hilladded pagenumbers back for git documents
2011-01-20 Benjamin Mako Hillimproved abstract so that it removes the text from...
2010-12-13 Benjamin Mako Hillsinglespace the bibliographies
2010-10-10 Benjamin Mako Hillsmall changes to fix title headings
2010-04-26 Benjamin Mako Hillfixed another misspelling
2010-04-24 Benjamin Mako Hillchanged "with" to "without"
2009-12-23 Benjamin Mako Hillmoved both templates to use underscores

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