updating explanation of part I to address reasons for dropped observations
[stats_class_2020.git] / psets /
2020-11-25 aaronshawupdating explanation of part I to address reasons for... master
2020-11-25 aaronshawrevising interpretation in part III to clarify points...
2020-11-24 aaronshawmore text, typo and bug fixes
2020-11-23 aaronshawinitial commit. missing text still
2020-11-16 aaronshawinitial commit pset7
2020-11-11 aaronshawtypo
2020-11-09 aaronshawinitial commit pset6 solutions
2020-10-28 aaronshawadding proportions table (and hopefully nothing else)
2020-10-26 aaronshawpset5 initial commit
2020-10-20 aaronshawtypos
2020-10-19 aaronshawpset 4 commit
2020-10-16 aaronshawtypos for ch5 and more elaborate tidyverse example...
2020-10-13 aaronshawtypos and fine-tuning
2020-10-12 aaronshawpset3 solutions
2020-10-07 aaronshawtypos
2020-10-05 aaronshawinitial commit of solutions to pset 2
2020-09-29 aaronshawtypo
2020-09-28 aaronshawposted version of pset1 worked solution
2020-09-27 aaronshawsolutions to ps1, renaming exercises for consistent...

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